The End of the Mass at St. Mary's?

It is now official. The Noon Tridentine Mass at Saint Mary's by the Sea in Huntington Beach will no longer be offered, as of May 10. Many Una Voce members and supporters received the news in a response to letters written to His Excellency Bishop Tod D. Brown. The response from the Chancery was identical to every recipient.

The day before most of the responses were received, Una Voce of Orange County presented His Excellency with nearly 1000 signatures on a petition asking for the Mass to be preserved at St. Mary's by the Sea, and in fact to be made available daily. Another petition, from parishioners at St. Mary's, was presented on the same day with another 600 signatures. We are continuing to collect signatures! If you would like to print out and circulate this petition, click here.

It must be noted that the letter writing campaign yielded many eloquent, moving letters. We again ask that those who have received a response from the Chancery reply to that letter in the same spirit of the original. If you have not yet written to Bishop Brown, we implore you to please do your part, take up the pen, and let the Chancery know how you feel. Before you do, however, we ask that you review the guidelines Una Voce has set up to help you express your needs in a positive way. Click here to see the letter writing guidelines.

Above all, pray. pray, pray.....

We do have hope that the Mass of the Ages may return to St. Mary's. Bishop Brown recently was in Rome for his "ad limina" visit. During this visit, he met with the prefects of many different congregations, including the Ecclesia Dei Commission Prefect, His Eminence Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos. Una Voce of Orange County has contacted His Eminence with the plight of the traditional faithful in the Diocese of Orange, and pray he addressed Bishop Brown on our behalf during this visit. We have not yet heard any news from Rome as of July 12.

In addition, members of the media, including (but not limited to) the Los Angeles Times and the Orange County Register, have shown interest in this issue. Both newspapers  sent reporters to attend the Tridentine Mass and to talk with Father Johnson as well as parishioners at St. Mary's. The first of these articles (we understand there will be several over time) appeared Monday, May 10. Another ground-breaking article by Editor Steve Greenhut appeared on May 16. Many letters to the Editor were printed following the publication of these articles. Keep an eye out for additional articles about the Tridentine Mass and the plight of Orange County Traditional Catholics in the Orange County Register!

Please click here for the LA Times and OC Register articles.  

We encourage you to write to the editors of these papers expressing your support for the Mass of the Ages.

UVOC has other efforts planned, and members on our e-mail list will be contacted about how they can help. If you do not receive e-mail from UVOC, please e-mail us to be added to the list. When your help is requested, we pray you respond - every little bit helps.

In the meantime, the Mass is still available at Serra Chapel, Mission San Juan Capistrano at 8 a.m. every Sunday. Due to extreme crowding, especially on the first Sunday of every month, please plan to arrive at least 30-45 minutes early if you desire a seat. UVOC encourages all of the faithful to attend the Mass at Serra Chapel if at all possible. Another option is to attend  the Los Angeles Archdiocesan indult Mass (click here for more information). 
UVOC does not recommend Masses outside the diocesan structure. 
We again hope this situation is temporary, and that our Bishop returns the Mass to these disenfranchised members of his flock.